Have you wondered about coaching but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for you?

Now is the right time to partner with a Coach if you desire:

  • Career advancement
  • Health and fitness goal attainment
  • Rebuilding after a breakup or divorce
  • Launching a new business
  • Stimulating artistic or creative self-expression
  • Improving relationships (family, friends, significant other)

Many people think coaching is there to provide accountability, like a basketball coach that makes his team run the bleachers to get into shape for the season. Or a cheerleader that mimics what you say you want – in an upbeat voice. 

What a Coach really provides is an objective person whose attention is solely placed on you, your goals, aspirations, and dreams. A Coach can discover patterns that you have that aren’t helping you achieve your goals, and teach you how to rewire your brain so your patterns obtain consistently positive results.

  • Do you sometimes get bogged down with perfectionism?
  • Set a goal, but can’t figure out why you don’t do it?
  • Resist even setting goals because it feels like disappointment is gaining ground over optimism?
  • Know you need to grow yourself to achieve your goals?
  • Feel you are ready to move more quickly than you can move on your own?

What have others experienced?

Maybe you’re like one of my clients, who we’ll call Emily. She believed that the critical voice is what keeps her motivated and she was scared that if you “love yourself” or have “self-compassion” it will mean that you will lose your edge and won’t be a high performer. By working with me, she’s found that positive energy is actually more motivating. Now she’s not wasting hours reviewing and overthinking the things she woulda, shoulda, coulda done better. 

It could be that you are more like another client, who we’ll call Mary who was completely paralyzed by the idea of even trying to set a new goal because she felt like she had tried, succeeded, and then lost the progress. Now it feels 10x worse than before to even try. After our time together, she realized that if she talked to herself the way she talks to her children when they struggle, she could begin to create safety for herself emotionally. Now she’s willing to give it another try. 

How does it work?

In this coaching program, you will realize what your dreams are as well as the best way you can reach them. You will work directly with Angela for 7 individual sessions via Zoom every other week. If you want to move faster, you can inquire if there is space for you to upgrade to weekly.  

During each recorded session, you’ll spend 45 minutes with Angela discussing your outcomes from the previous session, barriers that you’ve encountered, and receive individualized coaching on the next steps you need to take. During the final 15 minutes, you’ll create a game plan for the next 2 weeks so you’ll know exactly what needs to be done.

 The cost of this coaching program is typically $1400.

As an introductory offer, it will be $995.

There is a limited number of openings for this program, so please act today.

If you are a business owner this is likely a tax-deductible pense to grow you as an owner which will help grow your business.  (Always check with your tax professional)

If you want to visit with Angela about whether the goals you have in mind would be a good fit for individual coaching, you can book a 20-minute FREE consult to discuss if you want to purchase the standard bi-weekly package or perhaps customize it to be weekly or monthly coaching.