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EP88 Understanding Your Nervous System and Building Resilience with Leah Davidson

OCTOBER 3, 2023 | EPISODE 88

Explore the fascinating world of nervous system regulation and resilience in this insightful episode. Join us as we sit down with Leah Davidson, a seasoned life coach and speech-language pathologist with over two decades of experience in brain and nervous system dynamics.

Discover how subtle movements can help reset stress cycles and establish a sense of safety within your body. Gain a deeper understanding of how past traumas can influence your nervous system’s responses, shaping your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Leah takes us on a journey through the intricate realm of nervous system regulation, emphasizing the importance of co-regulation, especially with our children, and the incredible potential of imagination as a self-regulation tool.

Leah candidly shares her personal journey towards building resilience and unraveling the mysteries of the nervous system. We delve into the significance of recognizing our needs and practicing self-care to nurture a sense of security within our own nervous systems. Co-regulation, the power of imagination, and the role of movement in nervous system regulation are all explored in this eye-opening conversation.

Don’t miss this incredible discussion on nervous system regulation and resilience with Leah Davidson – it’s a journey to a more empowered and balanced self.

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