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EP81 Owning Our Stories with Madison Hoagland

AUGUST 15, 2023 | EPISODE 81

Imagine carrying the weight of a secret that gnaws at your identity, a story untold that hinders your personal growth. Our guest today is Madison Hoagland, host of the Dare to Share podcast, who believes in the power of sharing personal experiences, even if you aren’t willing to put your name to every story. We go on an insightful journey, exploring the freedom that comes from airing our secrets, the impact they have on our identities, and how cathartic storytelling can be.

In our discussion, we dissect the risks and rewards of sharing personal narratives. Madison’s podcast not only creates a safe haven for listeners to anonymously share their secrets and stories, but it also sparks essential conversations and fosters personal growth. We discuss the significance of trust and setting boundaries, and the role of sharing in personal development. Madison shares her experiences candidly, illustrating how she uses her platform to effect change.

As we wrap up our lively chat, we reflect on the concept of ‘traveling lighter’ and delve into the intriguing process of re-parenting ourselves. We explore the importance of self-assessment, and areas of our lives we either adore or struggle with. You’ll be inspired by Madison’s advice, and possibly walk away with some practical tools, including the wheel of life assessment and Dare to Share podcast prompts. Prepare for an episode teeming with thought-provoking insights and stories that may make you chuckle, and perhaps view yourself a touch more clearly.

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