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EP108 Fun February: Having Fun at Therapy with the Sand Tray with Corinna Dranow

February 27, 2024 | EPISODE 108

In this episode, Angela, Sami, and Corinna Dranow discuss the concept and practice of Sand Tray Therapy. They explore the purpose and process of Sand Tray Therapy, as well as the different reactions and experiences people may have with it. The conversation also touches on the neurobiology of Sand Tray Therapy and its connection to children’s play. The hosts and guest share personal insights and experiences with Sand Tray Therapy, highlighting its potential benefits for emotional regulation and inner child work. They also discuss the integration of Sand Tray Therapy into everyday life and its role in therapy modalities like Internal Family Systems Therapy. In this conversation, Angela Belford and Corinna Dranow discuss the significance of college years, the importance of corrective emotional experiences, reflecting on personal growth, creating a sanctuary, and the psyche’s ability to heal.


  • Sand Tray Therapy can help access and process emotions and experiences that may be difficult to put into words.
  • Sand Tray Therapy can be beneficial for emotional regulation, inner child work, and exploring different parts of the self.
  • Corrective emotional experiences can be healing and transformative.
  • Creating a sanctuary can provide a safe and healing space.
  • The psyche has the innate ability to heal itself.

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