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​EP101 Transforming Grief Into Healing at Work with Bloomwell Partners

January 9, 2024 | EPISODE 101

When the silence around grief in the workplace grows too loud, it’s experts like Dr. Mekel Harris and Janet Gwilliam-Wright who dare to break it. Our latest podcast episode features these two compassionate pioneers from Bloomwell Partners as they share their wisdom on nurturing grief literacy within the corporate culture. We are moved beyond words as they unveil a framework that doesn’t just aim to support grieving employees but seeks to transform organizational empathy into a tangible, healing force.

Grief doesn’t punch out when we clock in; it follows us into our cubicles, meetings, and breaks by the water cooler. This episode peels back the layers of how personal losses like infertility, miscarriage, and divorce seep into professional spaces, affecting productivity and team dynamics. Dr. Mekel and Janet guide us through the pitfalls of isolation that traditional employee assistance programs may inadvertently create, advocating for a culture of witnessing and acknowledging grief as a cornerstone of workplace mental health.

Turning the page on how we perceive loss at work, we delve into the heart of why companies are reaching out to Bloomwell Partners. From nurturing emotional intelligence to understanding the mosaic of grief experiences, our conversation with Dr. Mekel and Janet is a testament to the far-reaching impact of grief-informed leadership. So join us as we honor the beauty in befriending grief, and creating an office culture that remembers, supports, and grows through loss, one powerful conversation at a time.

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