Your Dreams are Calling

2021 is drawing to a close.

We all had hopes, expectations, and plans for the year. Some of those moved forward, some are still stuck.

Do you feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern? And not just COVID, but even before that. You may be feeling unsettled, unfulfilled, like there has to be more. You start trying to work on projects that you think will be meaningful, only to find you aren’t motivated to finish anything. This is so not like you. 

Your dreams are waiting patiently.

You don’t even know if you remember what your dreams are. You’ve been on autopilot so long that you are a little afraid to step off the hamster wheel to take a deep look at your life. You resolve that you’ll do it next year. But next year has officially come and has nearly gone and you still haven’t done it.

Your dreams won’t come and beat you over the head.

The years pass and sometimes you’ve done such a great job of ignoring them that they are fuzzy and unclear to you now. 

You sometimes wonder if the dreams were childish to start with. Shouldn’t you be an adult now, go to work, raise the kids, do the dishes, and the laundry? Maybe next year. 

By now, you are a little scared to even begin to listen to your dreams. What if you’ve made decisions that put you on a trajectory that will make those dreams impossible. It seems like tuning into your dreams could open up a giant bag of disappointment at your lack of courage.


It doesn’t have to be this way. 

5 Days to Knowing Yourself

In this 5 day program, Your Dreams are Calling, you’ll begin to get to know yourself again. Psst, you will like some of what you find and some things won’t be your favorite. 

We’ll explore together some potential obstacles like your fear, your circumstances, your conflicting values. Don’t worry, it may seem scary, but we’ll go easy.

We’ll set a vision of the direction you want to begin to move in. Will you resolve all this in 5 days? Of course not, but you can begin. Every journey of 1000 steps begins with the first step.

I’ve been where you are.

I wrote a book and published it in 2017. I had been speaking about the topic Be Freaking Awesome for about a year and a half. After the book was published, I began having terrible panic attacks, which felt ironic since one of the chapters of my book talked about fear. It caused me to put my dream on the shelf. 

After the last 4 years including a couple of years working in the public sector that didn’t work out, I’ve been able to chart a path to understanding myself better, beginning to make progress, and moving in the direction of my dreams. 

I can show you too.

Beginning December 27, you will have a sense of direction and know what the next steps are. Will you have solved everything in 5 days? Of course not. But isn’t movement better than being stuck?

Oh, yeah, the cost, good question. Your time and your email address. 5 hours (plus some outside class homework). That’s all. 

Zero dollars. 

The email address is simply so we can give you the recordings.

What if you don’t have time the week of December 27-31? That’s OK, you will have access to the recordings for 60 days after that. January and February are boring anyway, so you might as well be working on your dream, right?

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what others have said about this information.

“The thing that most spoke to me was reflecting on what person I am and who I bring into my life, being conscious of the energy of the people I spend my time with and trying to be a positive and energizing individual. I love the reminder to find value in yourself.”
“I learned that putting on a front to impress others stifles creativity and you thrive when you just be yourself”
“She helped me to realize that I am who I choose to be and I want to see a change in myself starting now.”
“The bad things that happen to you don’t define you. If anything they can push you to better than anyone ever imagined.”

I know you have questions, here are a few answers.

When is the Your Dreams are Calling Challenge?

Beginning December 27 at 9 AM CST, each day until our celebration call on December 31 at 9 AM CST.

What is the format – Zoom, FB Live? Live taught or pre-recorded?

It will be conducted on Zoom live taught by Angela each day. It will also be broadcast on the FB group at the same time which will allow you to re-watch it immediately. 

What if I can’t make it on a particular day?

No problem, each day you’ll receive an email with a link to the recording.

What if I have additional questions after each session?

You can post them in the FB group. I’ll be checking a couple of times a day.

Can I interact with other members of the class? 

When you register for the 5 day class you will receive an email inviting you to join our exclusive FB group of people participating in the class so we can support one another on the journey.

What if I’m not on FaceBook?

No problem, you will receive an email each day with a link to the recording. 


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