Clients often come to Angela Belford with an idea … a dream … of a business they want to create but they struggle to know where to start, where to go. Angela works with them step-by-step in short, regular sessions to guide the client through the process. She provides advice, encouragement and a wealth of knowledge for all aspects of the business from creating and marketing the actual service or product, to establishing sustainable business practices.

Angela has vast experience working with every aspect of running creating and running a business. Her experience includes everything from helping clients develop specific action steps to make their dreams a reality, to consulting with manufacturers and distributors to assist in relationship development that results in warehousing and fulfillment.

I’ve known Angela for years, but have never heard her speak to a group until recently. She was honest, engaging, entertaining and focused on her audience. I guess I’d say that when it comes to giving speeches, she delivers!

– Shannon Magsam