Be Freaking Awesome

Be Freaking Awesome by Angela Belford

Angela’s highly anticipated book, Be Freaking Awesome will be available in September 2017. Until then she is willing, available and completely excited to share the message that earned her a trip to the 2015 World Championship of Public Speaking at your next conference or event.

Book Overview
I love sharing my story to inspire others to go on their journey. Be Freaking Awesome will show you how to live the life you’ve always dreamed. Join me as we inspire the world to have a remarkable life – a FREAKING AWESOME life!
I am ready to turn my book over to the final stages of editing, but I need your help to get the message out to the world. By pre-ordering the book you will help me to raise the needed funds to send the book to the editor and have it printed.

It will be delivered in Winter of 2017. I appreciate your help, if you can’t support the efforts right now, can you share the campaign on your social media accounts??

Be Freaking Awesome
Here’s an example of the session description:

Being a leader requires mental toughness. To be a successful leader you need a success mindset that many of us aren’t raised with or learn in school.  Angela Belford will present a workshop on developing the critical mental components needed to Be Freaking Awesome in business and in life.

Lots of things require mental toughness: Entrepreneurs, teachers, students, marketing, software development, parenting, real estate, pretty much if you have a role to play, Angela’s message can help you perform that role with more balance and effectiveness than you thought possible.

If you’d like to schedule Angela for your next event, call her office at The Belford Group. 479-443-9945.

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